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Simple investment management with Aegis

When managing your investments, you probably want to make administration, transactions, reporting and tax calculations as easy as possible. And you don’t want to pay a lot for these services.

The Aegis service can simplify your investment management. Aegis is an investment administration service, known as a custodial wrap account or investment platform.

Here are the key benefits of Aegis:

Easy administration

Aegis looks after the details for you. It processes investment applications, reconciles investments, executes purchases and sales on instruction from your investment adviser and handles the paperwork.

Performance and transaction reporting

With Aegis you can see daily updates on your portfolio, including current investment prices and exchange rates and transaction history. You can also see your portfolio valuation, income and performance for any investment period.

A wide range of investment options

Through Aegis you have access to a broad range of investment options, including cash, bank term deposits, fixed interest, domestic and international ordinary and preference shares, rights issues, options, managed funds, specialty assets and currencies.

Low cost

If you invest directly into an individual investment, you will generally pay retail pricing and there will be minimum brokerage fees for small purchases or sales. But through Aegis, managed funds are generally available at wholesale prices and minimum brokerage costs can be overcome by aggregating purchases or sales with other investors.

Using a custodian allows Aegis to aggregate the purchase and sale of investments on behalf of a number of investors as a single transaction. This ability to aggregate is one of the reasons why fees for managed funds purchased through Aegis are often lower than if purchased directly. Through aggregation, Aegis can often also avoid being charged minimum brokerage fees for listed investments that might otherwise be charged for small transactions.

Easy tax

For many investments, Aegis calculates and deducts tax for you, including Resident Withholding Tax (RWT) and Portfolio Investment Entity (PIE) tax, and pays what is required to Inland Revenue.

Aegis also provides comprehensive tax reports to help you prepare your annual tax returns and financial statements, including details of fees and investment income, such as interest and dividends.

Online Platform Access

You can view your portfolio online at anytime. If you choose, you can also make online reports available to your other advisers, such as accountants, lawyers or trustees.

You are in control

Your Aegis portfolio is administered and managed on your behalf. You are in control and final decisions are always yours. You can withdraw funds at any time or have regular payments made to your bank account.

A personal guide

Aegis is only available through selected investment advisers. Collinson & Co is one of them. We use Aegis to manage your investments on your behalf and in accordance with your objectives. Aegis makes the process much easier with simple investment administration.

Strong credentials

Aegis administers more than $7 billion for more than 20,000 investors. Aegis is wholly owned by ASB Bank Limited, a member of the Commonwealth Bank of Australia Group.

More information

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