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CBAFF Member Communication10 August 2020
Hi Paul

Please see below the latest member updates and notifications received by CBAFF.


CBAFF Administration Team
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CBAFF Updates
TSW is now available.
Received 10 August, 10.11am

TSW is now available.
MPI ‘reasonable timeframe’
Following the MPI announcement regarding Charging advice around reconciliations by MPI for uncleared consignments, CBAFF queried the definition of ‘reasonable timeframe’ – this is the response:
In all cases, agents can always query a charge, as they do currently and the relevant  Manager is able to review the respective  charges for the activities.

MPI is then able to note progress around the consignment in our database ,  and in some cases may provide further advice/direction in a timely manner to the agent.

MPI will take each separate case into consideration.  I would recommend that agents  contact MPI and liaise closely, providing updates on progress.
 mentions the communication aspect with MPI:


As mentioned the Industry notification  

We have discussed this with Border Clearance Services.
Therefore it works more effectively in many ways:
agents will get timely advice importers are potentially more aware of their responsibilities on providing relevant documentation/ decisions on treatment or disposal in a  timely manner. this reduces detention/ storage fees MPI ensures biosecurity is managed effectively.
NZ Customs Broker Deferred account credit limit
In conjunction with their new financial system NZ Customs are planning to align the settlement of Broker Deferred accounts to that for the Importer accounts and CBAFF has been advised that the credit limits in place would be enforced.  As the credit limit does not appear on the Broker Account Statement, CBAFF recommends that you check with NZ Customs to ensure that the limit is appropriate for you now – contact revenue@customs.govt.nz. 

CBAFF has been talking to NZ Customs about the changes to broker deferred accounts and can advise that a live-stream meeting for members is being considered.
CBAFF features in NZ Herald
Click here to read the NZ Herald, Business Traveller article by Grant Bradley – “NZ fights airfreight squeeze” published 7 August 2020 featuring commentary from Rosemarie Dawson, CEO of CBAFF.
MFAT Report: International Supply Chains
Received 7 August, 2.55pm

As part of its work to ensure international supply chains function as well as possible through COVID-19, MFAT has been using its network of Posts to monitor how international sea and air ports, and domestic logistics are operating.  
The latest report released to the export community is here.
If you wish to provide information for potential inclusion into an update, please use the email address exports@mfat.net and copy in admin@cbaff.org.nz.
This report is available as a PDF here.
You can view the complete list of market reports published to date here:
You are welcome to suggest topics of interest for future reports, or provide thoughts and feedback about any of the reports above.
Best Regards,
  Jeremy Hall   Export Services Manager (Auckland-based)
Economic Division
New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Trade | Manatū Aorere
Money Scam Targeting Customs Brokers and Freight Forwarders
Members are reminded to be vigilant.  The scam referred to in this Customs advice is still occurring.  Members are receiving legitimate looking emails requesting quotations for moving artworks and other goods from Spain – or the Netherlands – and then a request that the freight is paid for by the forwarder. 

Click here to see industry note from NZ Customs
Proposed amendment to the import health standard for dried and preserved plant material and plant material for research
From 10 August 2020 to 11 November 2020 the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) invites comment on proposed changes to the import health standard: Dried and Preserved Plant Material and Plant Material for Research (PLANTMATERIAL.IHS). We are seeking feedback on the proposed amendment to remove requirements for heat treatment or inspection of dried tobacco leaves.
Learn more:
Proposed amendment to the import health standard for dried and preserved plant material and plant material for research

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