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CBAFF Updates
Progress update on the finalisation of the MPI Standards ( VMP and SEACO)
Received 27 July, 2.43pm

MPI is informing submitters about progress for the Import Health Standard for Vehicles, Machinery and Parts and the Import Health Standard for Sea Containers from All Countries. MPI is working through all the submissions received as quickly as possible and is working towards a release date between 10th  – 14th August 2020.
MPI is aware that the BMSB season is fast approaching and industry would appreciate an update in order to prepare for any upcoming changes.  MPI is therefore informing submitters of some anticipated modifications to requirements as outlined below. The justification for these decisions will be provided to submitters with the release of the review of submissions at the time the Standards are released.
Importing vehicles, machinery and parts:    The current BMSB management exclusions for NEW smaller vehicle types will remain in the Standard. Some NEW types of vehicles, machinery and parts will be excluded from BMSB management requirements (treatment or system management) providing they are stored indoors and exported in a fully enclosed container and a signed manufacturer’s declaration is submitted before arrival.  Exclusions will apply to the following commodities unless exported from Italy: New Machinery (non drivable kind)New Jet skis and Sea ScootersNew TyresNew smaller vehicles types (including all-terrain vehicles (ATV), motorcycles, golf carts, go-karts, scooters, side by side (SxS) racers/vehicles, snow mobiles, quad bikes and tricycles) Used small vehicle types (as above) exported from Japan will not require year-round mandatory system management. BMSB management requirements will apply.   Importing vehicles, machinery and parts AND sea containers from Italy   Sea containers from Italy, or vehicles, machinery and parts sealed in a fully enclosed container before 1 September and exported before 1 October, are excluded from all BMSB management requirements.  MPI will require official evidence of the container sealing date prior to arrival (customs seal number or another equivalent NPPO seal). Importing Sea containers for All Countries  The use of the Quarantine Declaration in Schedule 2 will have a lead in period and come into force 1 February 2021.  Until 1 February 2021 MPI will accept both forms of the Declaration.  
Please note the following with regard to the above information provided by MPI:  Except for the exclusions listed above, the commodity targeting for BMSB management will remain as per last season, with some minor clarifications. Until these Standards have been issued, MPI cannot offer complete certainty on any requirement changes. The manufacturer’s declarations required for exclusions (in (2) above) are being finalised and will be placed on the web when the Standard is issued. The exclusion criteria is planned to be as proposed with some minor wording changes. Until then, MPI respectfully requests that individuals do not email Standards@mpi.govt.nz,  BMSBenquires@mpi.govt.nz, or any other MPI email inbox, requesting these certificates.  
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Plants and Pathways Directorate | Biosecurity New Zealand
Ministry for Primary Industries

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