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Received 15 August, 1:15pm

Please find attached an Advisory from Nick Leggett.

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Mandatory COVID-19 testing for EVERYONE who has worked at Ports of Auckland since 21 July
Received 15 August, 2:48pm

Late on Friday night we received an updated order from the Minister of Health that requires anyone who has carried out any work at Ports of Auckland since 23:59 on 21 July 2020 to be tested for COVID-19.

This testing is urgent. It MUST be completed by 23:59 on Monday 17 August.

It is a legal requirement. Anyone who doesn’t comply could face legal action.

Your staff can get tested at the COVID-19 testing station set up in Ports of Auckland at Tinley Street. Only people with no symptoms can use the port site. If staff are feeling unwell, please get tested at a community testing centre.

There is no suggestion that anyone at port is infected, but it is important we do get tested to help officials eliminate all possible sources of this new outbreak.

The port testing centre is open until 4.30pm today and 8.30am – 4.30pm Sunday 16 August and Monday 17 August. We are asking that these hours be extended.

Your staff will need to have their white Ports of Auckland access card with them. The port testing site is for those who have carried out any work at Ports of Auckland only, not for family or friends. To speed up the testing process, it would be helpful if your staff completed the attached testing form prior to arrival.

More information is available in the attached email and attached guidance from the Ministry of Health.

Thank you. Guidance for implementing the COVID-19 Public Health Response (COVID-19 Testing) Order 2020 – Ports of Auckland and Tauranga > COVID-19 TESTING ONLY CENTRE PATIENT REGISTRATION AND ASSESSMENT Form >

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