Delays on our Borders & Freight

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CBAFF Updates
Kiwirail / Metroport Facility
We are currently experiencing a surge in the volume of traffic at our Metroport / Kiwirail facility on Neilson Street. Every effort is being made to clear the queues as soon as possible but please be aware of possible delays.

 To assist we request the following from our trucking community:

There are three lanes off Neilson Street that feed into the Kiwirail / Metroport and Metrobox CT sites.

The inside (left) lane is a free-lane is for e-gate users visiting not only Kiwirail / Metroport but Metrobox Logistics Freight shed.

The outer two lanes (right & middle) feed the CT mustering pens for Metroport and Metrobox.  We are aware that the current overhead signage is misleading and gives the impression that the outer lane (right) is for Metrobox only and the middle lane is for Metroport / Kiwirail trucks only.  The signage will be changed in the not too distant future.

In the interim, both lanes (righthand & middle lane) can be used by trucks visiting the Metroport and Kiwirail facility.  Alternately, if the middle lane is clear and there is build up of Metrobox trucks, again use both lanes.  

The primary objective is to alleviate trucks obstructing traffic flows on Neilson Street.  This will occur if only one lane is used.  Please communicate this to all drivers.

We have also noted that some operators are holding up valuable space in the Metroport mustering lanes when they do not have booking confirmation. Earlier, two lanes were blocked by drivers waiting for booking confirmation also arriving into the mustering area before Metroport’s receival date.  

Please ensure all bookings and relevant documentation are confirmed before arriving into the mustering area.  

Observation of notification times will significantly assist, and be appreciated by the Metroport team.

Collinson & Co Contact