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NOW MORE THAN EVER, FREIGHT AGENTS NEED STRONG PARTNERS TO KEEP YOU AHEAD OF THE  COMPETITON!       As specialists in Import Break Bulk,  AMI Australia can offer highly competitive pricing solutions, giving you the opportunity to reduce unnecessary overheads and provide the services you need. ……read more     THE WEEK IN REVIEW   APSA AGM AND ELECTION OF NEW COMMITTEE – the Australian Peak Shippers Association (APSA) celebrated its 30th Annual General Meeting on 27 August 2020. During this milestone event, the first-ever conducted completely online, Olga Harriton (Global Logistics Manager – Manildra Group) was elected as the association’s Chair – full details of officers, committee and focused agenda available HERE     DEPUTY PM RESPONDS ON STEVEDORE CHARGES – we received a letter from the Deputy PM in response to our formal submission and meeting on 31 July 2020 in terms of stevedore-imposed Infrastructure Surcharges / Terminal Access Charges – refer HERE     SALTA’S $50M DANDENONG SOUTH INTERMODAL TERMINAL UNDERWAY   Salta Properties and the Victorian Government have signed an agreement to jointly fund the Dandenong South Intermodal Terminal. The Federal Government and the Victorian Government will jointly invest $28 million on government owned land to connect rail to Salta’s site boundary as part of its objective to retain Victoria’s status as the number one destination for containerised freight in Australia.

Salta will concurrently invest more than $50 million to construct the Dandenong South Intermodal Terminal to be located on Salta’s 180-hectare Nexus Dandenong South Intermodal Estate – refer HERE     20 DAYS REMAIN FOR AEPCOMM

Activity 20-21/01 (DOA030) must be completed by 21 September 2020. 

FTA ONLINE CPD & CBC TRAINING PACKAGE for the customs broker licensing period to 31 March 2021 – Member package rate only $165 – contact Caroline on czalai@ftalliance.com.au for further detail.     KHAPRA BEETLE – yesterday morning we sent a notice  to members outlining Phase 1 of urgent action being implemented by the department.   We have since received further correspondence from the department’s Andrew Tongue, Deputy Secratary – Biosecurity and Compliance Group outlining a three month trial commencing 31 August 2020 in Brisbane to obtain more data to assist in combating the khapra beetle – refer HERE (FTA/ APSA MEMBER LOGIN REQUIRED)      INDUSTRIAL ACTION – It is noted that DP World have reached agreement with the Maritime Union of Australia (MUA) on the Part A National Agreement for a new EA. As part of this agreement, the MUA has withdrawn all previously advised work stoppages at every DP World terminal around Australia. We understand that further negotiations are to continue. Meanwhile, we understand that the MUA notified Patrick Terminals of its intention to take Protected Industrial Action. We have had detailed engagement with the Attorney General’s Department outlining the potential operational and cost implications of ongoing and / or escalated disputes – refer HERE (FTA/APSA MEMBER LOGIN REQUIRED)     FEATURE ARTICLE – WINTER 2020 ACROSS BORDERS 
The group who kept WA’s Freight Industry Moving
  We were privileged to receive a commentary from NICOLE LOCKWOOD, Chair, Freight & Logistics Council of Western Australia    With State borders expected to stay closed for the foreseeable future, we continue to work collaboratively with government and industry to ensure freight keeps moving. 

Our focus is now on recovery planning to support businesses through the process of reactivating the economy, to maintain employment and supplies across the State.
    COVID-19 NOTIFICATIONS – the Australian Border Force is requesting industry partners to provide notification if any of their staff who works on site or visitors to their premises tested positive for COVID-19 in the last 14 days – refer HERE     NATIONAL FREIGHT DATA HUB – development of a prototype website, the implementation roadmap and business case are progressing on track for completion by the end of the year – refer HERE

Remaining webinar today, Tuesday 1 September, 14:00-15:30pm AEST – please email freightdatahub@infrastructure.gov.au to register.     DEMYSTIFYING DUMPING – A GUIDE FOR AUSTRALIAN EXPORTERS  
Another brilliant webinar last week was delivered by Russell Wiese, Principal Hunt & Hunt Lawyers – resources, recording and CPD details now available – refer HERE    Paul Zalai –  Director and Co-Founder, FTA / Secretariat, APSA     TRADE STATISTICS   Container Trade Statistice Price Index 2020 … read more Container Trade Statistics Australasia & Oceanea Import Export Volume May 2019 to June 2020 … read more DFAT – Monthly Trade Data June 2020 … read more Flinders Ports Trade Statistics July 2020 … read more Fremantle Ports Trade Statistics July 2020 … read more IATA – Ecomomic Performance of the Airline Industry … read more IATA – Industry Statistics July 2020 … read more NSW Ports Trade Statistics July 2020 … read more Port of Melbourne Container Report July 2020 … read more Port of Melbourne Monthly Trade Report July 2020 … read more Port of Melbourne Qtrly Trade Report Q4 June 2020 … read more Port of Newcastle Trade Report July 2020  … read more Port of Townsville Import/Export containerised goods in TEUS … read more     SHIPPING   COVID-19 Shipping Line Notices 25th to 31st August 2020 … read more Shipping Line Notices 25th to 31st August 2020 … read more     LOGISTICS   25.8.20 – DP World – Protected industrial action update … login required
25.8.20 – Report shows Port of Newcastle an economic powerhouse for NSW and Australia … read more
27.8.20 – SALTA”S $50M Dandenong South Intermodal Terminal underway … read more
28.8.20 – Release of National freight data hub options discussion paper … read more
28.8.20 – Direction issued to NSW Ports to provide berth and port facilities at Port Kembla for the Ruby Princess … read more
28.8.20 – Patrick terminals – Protected industrial action …  login required
28.8.20 – NSW Ports – Bulk liquids berth 1 rehabilitation project progressing well … read more
29.8.20 – Deputy PM response to FTA / APSA advocacy on infrastructure surcharges … login required       AIRFREIGHT   26.8.20 – FIATA – Facilitating maritime coordination between Fiata Regions … read more
27.8.20 – IATA – Airlines Financial Monitor June July 2020 … read more
28.8.20 – Invitation to freight forwarders and airlines – IFAM update webinar session 10am 31 August … read more
31.8.20 – IATA Economics’ Chart of the week airline shares fail to recover with global equity markets … read more     BIOSECURITY   25.8.20 – COLS compatibility issues when using google chrome imported food inspection scheme (IFIS) importer declaration forms updates … read more
25.8.20 – BMSB International information sessions presentation summary and Q&A … read more
26.8.20 – Air – Sea solutions during the BMSB season … login required
27.8.20 – DAWE – 2020-57 – Business Systems Program – Plant Export Management System (PEMS) will now work on your mobile phone … login required
28.8.20 – Biosecurity – New user-focused guide for establishing or changing levies … login required
28.8.20 – 133-2020 – The management of vessels during the 2020-21 brown marmorated stink bub pest risk season with changes to the vessel seasonal pest scheme (VSPS) … login required
28.8.20 – DAWE – Meat Notice 2020-04 – China – reinforced importing Country requirement compliance … login required
28.8.20 – DAWE – 134-2020 – Commencement of urgent actions for Khapra Beetle: Phase 1 … login required
31.8.20 – DAWE – 135-2020 – Ecert exchange for New Zealand now paperless … login required
31.8.20 – Commencement of urgent actions for Khapra Beetle: Phase 1 … read more
31.8.20 – Ecert exchange for New Zealand now paperless … read more     BORDER   26.8.20 – ABF TC Gazette 20/32 … read more
28.8.20 – NZ Customs Release 577 … login required
28.8.20 – ACN No. 2020/36 Biannual indexation of customs duty rates for tobacco and tobacco products – 1 September 2020 … read more
28.8.20 – Notification of COVID-19 cases to the ABF … read more
31.8.20 – ACN No. 2020/38 Application for Customs Broker Licences … read more     TRADE   25.8.20 – WCO – Fiji is the first country in the Oceania region to join the UNODC-WCO container control programme (CCP) and to implement the WCO cargo targeting system (CTS) … login required
26.8.20 – ABS – International merchandise trade, preliminary, Australia, July 2020 … read more
27.8.20 – WTO issues new report on how COVID-19-related restrictions on corss-border mobility are affecting global trade … read more
28.8.20 – WTO Issues new report regarding impact of COVID-19 crisis on agricultural trade … read more
28.8.20 – WCO publishes its 2020 annual report … read more     ANTI-DUMPING COMMISSION NOTICES – ADN   Anti-Dumping Notices 25th to 31st August 2020
2020/098 [pdf 141.04 KB] Case 544 Aluminium extrusions, Extension of time to issue SEF and Final Report, Malaysia, Vietnam, 28/08/2020
2020/097 [pdf 140.14 KB]  Case 541 Aluminium extrusions (surfaced finishes), Extension of time to issue SEF and Final Report, Malaysia, 28/08/2020
2020/096 [pdf 139.16 KB]  Case 540 Aluminium extrusions (mill finish) , Extension of time to issue SEF and Final Report, Malaysia, 28/08/2020
2020/094 [pdf 139.02 KB]  Case 522 Aluminium zinc coated steel, Extension of time to issue SEF and Final Report, China, 27/08/2020
2020/094 [pdf 139.02 KB]  Case 521 Zinc coated (galvanised) steel, Extension of time to issue SEF and Final Report, China, India, Korea, Malaysia, Taiwan, Vietnam 27/08/2020
2020/088 [pdf 197.05 KB] Case 559 Aluminium zinc coated steel (<600mm), Day 60 Status Report, China, Vietnam 31/08/2020
2020/087 [pdf 198.51 KB]  Case 558 Aluminium zinc coated steel (≥600mm), Day 60 Status Report, Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam 31/08/2020     BUSINESS SALES / OFFICE LEASE   QUOTE 2020/25 – Port Botany office space available to lease QUOTE 2020/21 – looking to buy – Sydney or Melbourne based Forwarder / Broker QUOTE 2020/17 – Fully furnished shared office space Alexandria close to Syd Airport! QUOTE 2020/07 – Looking to buy – Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane – ideally perishables QUOTE 2019/05 – Looking to buy – Melbourne, Adelaide or Fremantle Perth More about our Classifieds service available HERE     TRAINING    Continued Biosecurity Competency (CBC) – 1 April 2020 to 31 March 2021 – refer HERE   CPD – BORDER COMPLIANCE PROGRAM  Please note that our revised dates for our events fall within the new 2020 /2021 CPD period (1 April 2020 to  31 March 2021) and will continue to provide 24 CPD points. 

CPD Border Compliance Program – (1 April 2020 to  31 March 2021)
NSW: Friday 5 & Saturday 6 February 2021 – Novotel Brighton Le-Sands
VIC: Friday 12 & Saturday 13 February 2021 – Hyatt Place Essendon Fields
QLD: Wednesday 17 February 2021 – Novotel Brisbane Airport
WA: Saturday 20 February 2021 – Hyatt Regency Perth

Refer to UPCOMING EVENTS   ONLINE Understand Incoterms® 2020 …read more Sec 77G Depot …  read more Chain of Responsibility …  read more Continued Biosecurity Competency (CBC) NCCC & AEPCOMM … read more Free webinar and event recordings (MEMBER ONLY) … login required     SPONSORS   FINANCE REPORT

  Weekly Market Commentary and Calendarread more
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