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SPONSOR OF THE WEEK     PORTS OF AUCKLAND TO IMPLEMENT CONTAINERCHAIN TERMINAL SOLUTION   “The benefits of implementing our integrated Containerchain solutions are vast, including optimal gate and yard efficiency for truck and container movements, improved turn times and lower operating costs for truck operators, and lower traffic congestion in and around the port precincts.   Importantly, the Terminal Solution will provide greater visibility and proactive planning between cargo owners and freight forwarders and their transport service providers for moving cargo.” Chris Collins, Managing Director of Containerchain – refer HERE   CLASSIFIED ADVERTISEMENTS   QUOTE 2020/29 – looking to acquire a Sydney / Melbourne based Customs Brokerage / Freight Forwarder – refer HERE Grace Business Services is the smart choice when it comes to project partnering for logistics management and commercial fit-out installations – refer HERE       THE WEEK IN REVIEW   6 DAYS REMAIN FOR AEPCOMM – Activity 20-21/01 (DOA030) must be completed by 21 September 2020. 

FTA ONLINE CPD & CBC TRAINING PACKAGE for the customs broker licensing period to 31 March 2021 – Member package rate only $165 – contact Caroline on czalai@ftalliance.com.au for further detail.     CHANGES TO APPROVED ARRANGEMENTS – the department is making variations of the conditions to AA who provide 12.1 – methyl bromide fumigation 12.2 – sulfuryl fluoride fumigation and 12.3 – heat treatment. The variations will allow these treatment providers  to conduct in-container remedial action to make the consignment suitable for treatment with no need to contact the department. These variations may reduce the requirement of the goods being directed by the AA to a Class 4.7  for secure unpack for treatment.

For more information refer to the Industry Advice Notices – 2020/1462020/147     CARGO MANAGEMENT SYSTEM UPGRADE – dnata has released important operational detail in terms of short-term impacts and business continuity plans for two upcoming systems outages – refer HERE     PORT BOTANY INDUSTRIAL ACTION – Patrick have aggressively hit out at the Maritime Union of Australia (MUA) which from outsider’s perspective does little to give confidence of reconciliation between the parties. So how will the impasse be broken… will stevedores ‘roll over’ to the unions (unlikely), will some type of settlement be reached (possibly) or will the government step in (recalling the infamous disputes of the late 1990’s). Something has to give for the sake of the New South Wales economy, business continuity and jobs with similar flow-on effects nationally.  

SYDNEY CONGESTION SURCHARGES, DELAYS AND DISCHARGE IN MELBOURNE – where does the Port Botany Industrial dispute leave freight forwarders and traders – REFER HERE
      NSW – RAIL FREIGHT DEVELOPMENTS – FREE WEBINAR   We are delighted to provide the first in an ongoing series of rail updates supporting the international trade sector in meeting operational needs and future planning.    We are delighted to advise that Nicholas Angelos (Director, Freight Network Design, Freight Branch, Customer Strategy and Technology – Transport for NSW) will deliver a FREE webinar to members at 12pm AEST, Wednesday 23 September 2020 – register HERE     VICTORIAN STATE OF DISASTER UPDATE 13 – Roadmap update Supporting Victorian Businesses On Our Road To COVID Normal – refer HERE     SAFEGUARDING BUSINESSES AGAINST CYBER ATTACKS –  FREE & EXCLUSIVE to FTA and APSA members, this webinar and interactive Q&A session provides from one the world’s leading cyber experts.   A unique opportunity to prepare your business and safeguard against cyber attacks that are having devastating impacts on international trade and commercial enterprises. – register HERE     DUMPING AND COUNTERVAILING DUTIES – Customs brokers should expect more questions from clients about dumping and countervailing duty after the Australian Border Force expanded the information available on its website.  Russell Wiese (Principal Hunt & Hunt lawyers) poses some of the questions we expect to result from the ABF dumping page and the answers you can provide clients – refer HERE     FEATURE ARTICLE – WINTER 2020 ACROSS BORDERS 
  Thank you to Kirsten Daggar-Nickson (Head of Corporate and Legal Affairs – Imperial Brands Australasia) for her commentary in the Winter 2020 edition of Across Borders

Federal Government agencies including the Australian Border Force (ABF), Australian Tax Office (ATO) and the Illicit Tobacco Taskforce (ITTF) have had encouraging success dismantling larger operations but increased funding and resources must be directed to state based investigations.

In addition to more resources directed at a Federal level, we need targeted, state-based taskforces to focus on retail enforcement in suburban areas.
read more     NATIONAL FREIGHT DATA HUB – aligned to member feedback, we gave the following succinct response to the Federal Government’s Options Discussion Paper  Merit is seen in developing a Hub with the beneficiary being Government, Ports and major infrastructure owners in receiving data for strategic planning and asset management.  Importers, exporters and freight forwarders have access to extensive consignment information and could theoretically transmit prescribed data to the Hub (ensuring confidentiality of any commercially sensitive information).  Industry would need to be incentivised to provide the data if required on a voluntary basis. Legislative reform to mandate the supply of data would require extensive industry engagement.  In terms of cost, Government should fund the Hub. Any proposal for industry paying a fee for the supply of data would be rejected.     VALE – JIM SINCLAIR (1 Aug 1924 – 11 Sept 2020)   Jim was a true gentlemen with a highly competitive spirit, yet very humble and modest about his achievements.

At age 96 Jim was still working and until recently also running marathons in Masters Games. Jim, his son and father all held Australian wrestling titles and all highly regarded by their peers … read more     Paul Zalai –  Director and Co-Founder, FTA / Secretariat, APSA     TRADE STATISTICS   Container Trade Statistice Price Index July 2020 … read more Container Trade Statistics Australasia & Oceanea Import Export Volume May 2019 to July 2020 … read more Flinders Ports Trade Statistics August 2020 … read more Fremantle Ports Trade Statistics July 2020 … read more IATA – Ecomomic Performance of the Airline Industry … read more IATA – Industry Statistics July 2020 … read more NSW Ports Trade Statistics July 2020 … read more Port of Melbourne Container Report July 2020 … read more Port of Melbourne Monthly Trade Report July 2020 … read more Port of Newcastle Trade Report July 2020  … read more Port of Townsville Import/Export containerised goods in TEU’S … read more     SHIPPING   COVID-19 Shipping Line Notices 8th to 14th September 2020 … read more Shipping Line Notices 8th to 14th September 2020 … read more 9.9.20 – MSC – Sydney Port congestion surcharge … read more
10.9.20 – FTA / APSA Advocacy – MSC Sydney Port congestion surcharge … read more
13.9.20 – Federal Government – Sydney waterfront industrial action … read more
14.9.20 – Surcharges, delays and discharge in Melbourne … read more
14.9.20 – Port Botany delivering a “Third World” service in the 21st Century … read more
14.9.20 – Update on protected industrial action and Patrick Terminals media release … read more     LOGISTICS   8.9.20 – Ports of Auckland to implement Counainerchain terminal solution … read more
9.9.20 – CTAA – Sydney empty container management in crisis … read more
10.8.20 – Commercial project logistics with Grace Business Services … read more
14.9.20 – Update 13 – Victorian State of Disaster – Roadmap update supporting Victorian businesses on our road to COVID normal … read more     AIRFREIGHT   8.9.20 – ICAO – Digital innovations important to aviation ‘Building Back Better’ from COVID-19, ICAO SG tells ITU World Summit … read more
10.9.20 – IATA – Demand for air cargo much more robust than air travel … read more
10.9.20 – IATA – The time to prepare for COVID-19 vaccine transport is now … read more
11.9.20 – IATA launches platform to improve visibility on air cargo infrastructure and capabilities … read more
14.9.20 – IATA – Cargo capacity shortage driving trade lane differences … read more     BIOSECURITY   10.9.20 – DAWE – 145-2020 – Cat and dog imports to Australia – Impact of COVID-19 and Christmas shutdown … login required
10.9.20 – DAWE – 2020-58 – Plant export operations – Release of the draft export control (Plands and plant produsts) rules 2020 for the second round of consultation … login required
10.9.20 – DAWE – 146-2020 – Enhanced Brown Marborated Stink Bug (BMSB) heat treatment arrangements … login required
10.9.20 – DAWE – 147-2020 – Streamlined Brown Marmorated Stink Bug (BMSB) Fumigation arrangements available … login required
11.9.20 – Restrictions on the exportation of goods during COVID-19 human biosecurity period – extended … login required
11.9.20 – DAWE – 148-2020 – Notice of the Department’s assessment of an application to import live attenuated salmonella vaccines … login required
14.9.20 – DAWE – 149-2020 – Delay of Departmental audits associated with recognised offshore fertiliser supply chains … login required
14.9.20 – DAWE – BMSB Update 2020-2021 Edition 1 … login required     BORDER   8.9.20 – WCO Secretary General addresses the 7th annual meeting of international organisations on facing the global COVID-19 crisis together … read more – Update to the ABF website to include information on dumping and countervailing duties … read more
9.9.20 – ABF TC Gazette 20/34 … read more
10.9.20 – ABF – Water police and Australian Border Force detecting fishy behaviour at Victorian Ports … read more
11.9.20 NZ Customs Release 578 … read more
11.9.20 – ABF – Two arrested and meth in cans of coconut milk seized … read more     TRADE   10.9.20 – Austrade – Backing Australian exporters to go global … read more
11.9.20 – DFAT – Business Envoy – The road back … read more     ANTI-DUMPING COMMISSION NOTICES – ADN   Anti-Dumping Notices 8th to 14th September 2020
2020/105 [pdf 726.74 KB]  Monthly Status Report – August 2020 09/09/2020
2020/107 [pdf 428.58 KB] Case 557 Copper tube, Day 60 Status Report, China Korea 11/09/2020
2020/104 [pdf 194.19 KB]  Case 554 Concrete underlay film, Day 60 Status Report, Malaysia, 14/09/2020
2020/102 [pdf 372.64 KB]  Case 566 Steel reinforcing bar, Initiation of a Review of Measures, Korea, Singapore, Spain, Taiwan 14/09/2020
2020/101 [pdf 114.54 KB]  Case 553 Painted steel strapping, Extension of time for SEF and Final Report, China, Vietnam 14/09/2020     BUSINESS SALES / OFFICE LEASE   QUOTE 2020/29 – Looking to acquire a Sydney / Melbourne based Customs Brokerage / Freight Forwarder QUOTE 2020/25 – Port Botany office space available to lease More about our Classifieds service available HERE     TRAINING    Continued Biosecurity Competency (CBC) – 1 April 2020 to 31 March 2021 – refer HERE   CPD – BORDER COMPLIANCE PROGRAM  Please note that our revised dates for our events fall within the new 2020 /2021 CPD period (1 April 2020 to  31 March 2021) and will continue to provide 24 CPD points. 

CPD Border Compliance Program – (1 April 2020 to  31 March 2021)
NSW: Friday 5 & Saturday 6 February 2021 – Novotel Brighton Le-Sands
VIC: Friday 12 & Saturday 13 February 2021 – Hyatt Place Essendon Fields
QLD: Wednesday 17 February 2021 – Novotel Brisbane Airport
WA: Saturday 20 February 2021 – Hyatt Regency Perth

Refer to UPCOMING EVENTS   ONLINE Understand Incoterms® 2020 …read more Sec 77G Depot …  read more Chain of Responsibility …  read more Continued Biosecurity Competency (CBC) NCCC & AEPCOMM … read more Free webinar and event recordings (MEMBER ONLY) … login required     SPONSORS   FINANCE REPORT

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