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  FTA / APSA MEMBERSHIP COST & BENEFIT 2020 / 2021   FTA / APSA ADVOCACY PLAN 2020 / 2021   SPONSOR OF THE WEEK   NSW Ports CEO, Marika Calfas shares her perspectives on the impact of COVID-19 at Port Botany, Port Kembla and the broader ports and freight supply chain in NSW – click HERE.   NSW Ports welcomes the largest container vessel to ever visit Port Botany – click HERE     THE WEEK IN REVIEW   STATE BORDER CLOSURE – to help contain the spread of COVID-19, the temporary closure of the NSW/Victorian border will come into effect from 12.01am Wednesday 8 July.
Freight & Trade Alliance (FTA) and the Australian Peak Shippers Association (APSA) note comments made from the Victorian Shadow Minister for Ports and Freight, Roma Britnell:
“The freight routes between NSW and Victoria are the busiest in the nation and businesses need to know now what their obligations will be ahead of time. Any delays in obtaining permits have the potential to disrupt the already fragile supply chain. The Minister needs to provide advice well ahead of the planned border closure tomorrow night, to clear up any confusion and to ensure freight can continue to move freely and get to where it needs to be.”

FTA / APSA has received advice from Transport for NSW executive that they are continuing to work closely with NSW Health, NSW Police, industry stakeholders and operational professionals around a number of important issues including freight operations and logistics. Assurances have been given that special conditions will be in place for freight operations and logistics as well as other critical services.

FTA / APSA will report further detail following our Ministerial engagement later this morning at the NSW Freight & Logistics Advisory Council meeting to complement information on the arrangements for the freight industry that will be published and updated on the Transport for NSW freight coronavirus page.     CORONAVIRUS – TRADE UPDATE – FTA / APSA sources from China again provided pertinent operational information featured in our report… read more   Due a reduction in air cargo capacity caused by COVID-19, it appears as though a significant volume of e-commerce is being imported into Australia by sea freight.

In response to our concerns about Integrated Cargo System (ICS) performance, FTA / APSA has received the following advice from the Australian Border Force

“we are now seeing a pattern of demand on systems resources as industry makes greater usage of the sea import channel.  Traditionally sea cargo receives 20k messages per day, currently it is receiving  90k/100k messages per day creating a five-fold increase” read more     MORE AIRFREIGHT FUNDING – since our initial submission to the National Covid-19 Coordination Commission on 27 March 2020, FTA / APSA has actively collaborated with the Austrade on the International Freight Assistance Mechanism (IFAM) and in parallel, have been advocating to government for an extension of the measure. The sensational news is the confirmation that IFAM will receive a boost of $240 million which is anticipated to extend the measure until the end of 2020 – join the industry briefing tomorrow, 8 July 2020 … read more     AMAZON AUSTRALIA ANNOUNCES ITS FIRST ROBOTICS FULFILMENT CENTRE   Congratulations to FTA member, Amazon Australia, for the announced plans for  a new fulfilment centre in Western Sydney, … read more     APL ENGLAND – FTA insurance advisor, James Cotis – Logical Insurance Brokers has been receiving numerous calls from FTA freight forwarding members in terms of lost and damaged containers and offers the following commentary commentary / update … read more     EMPTY CONTAINER REFORM – FTA / APSA commend Transport for NSW for the release of the NSW Empty Container Supply Chain Study which recommends key actions to improve the management of empty containers that could help save the supply chain industry an estimated $49 million per year. We are also pleased to advise that a formal invitation has been received offering FTA an opportunity to be a member of the newly formed NSW Empty Container Working Group.     FTA FORMAL SUBMISSION – IMPORTATION OF HYGIENE AND MEDICAL GOODS   FTA delivered a detailed presentation to the National Committee on Trade Facilitation (NCTF) meeting on Thursday 25 June 2020 and gave a commitment  to supply extra views on measures to facilitate the importation of hygiene and medical goods. A formal submission prepared by Susan Danks (Head of Customs and Regulatory Compliance – FTA / APSA) is available HERE      PRODUCT EMISSIONS AND OZONE PROTECTION & SYNTHETIC GREENHOUSE GAS – FTA / APSA recently had the opportunity to to speak to and record a presentation delivered by senior Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment representatives covering the following content … read more   INFRASTRUCTURE SURCHARGES – thank you to our trade media who supported our most recent MEDIA RELEASE ATN – Victoria and Tasmania react to latest stevedore hike DCN – SUBMISSIONS SEEK ELIMINATION OF WATERFRONT INFRASTRUCTURE CHARGES MHD – Industry says increased surcharge will devastate Australia’s economy   FTA / APSA have provided a formal submission in response to the Inquiry into the implications of the COVID-19 pandemic for Australia’s foreign affairs, defence and trade.

We look forward to an opportunity for further engagement with the Joint Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade (the Committee) to escalate our advocacy for an effective supply chain … read more   CONSOLIDATED TABLE OF NATIONAL INFRASTRUCTURE SURCHARGES available HERE (FTA / APSA MEMBER LOGIN REQUIRED)      FEATURE ARTICLES – WINTER 2020 ACROSS BORDERS 

The Hon Michael McCormack (Deputy Prime Minister) last week announced the high calibre members appointed to the Freight Industry Reference Panel – refer HERE

Congratulations are extended to Nicole Lockwood and Brett Charlton, both close colleagues and regular contributors to our Across Borders member magazine. Please click on the images below for Nicole and Brett’s most recent contributions to our Winter 2020 edition.        NEXT IN OUR WEBINAR SERIES    FREE WEBINAR – CASE LAW UPDATE – WINTER 2020   Date: Wednesday 15 July 2020
In recent weeks there have been a variety of cases that are important for customs brokers and freight forwarders.  These cases address: classification of pipes as parts of a structure; the use of the French translation of the HS code when classifying goods; interpretation of TCO requirements; criminal liability where a freight forwarder employee assists with importing prohibited drugs; and freight forwarder invoicing.    Russell Wiese, Principal Hunt & Hunt, will not only explain the outcomes of the cases, but also provide guidance on what the cases mean more generally for your business … read more   ONLINE Understand Incoterms® 2020 …read more Sec 77G Depot …  read more Chain of Responsibility …  read more Continued Biosecurity Competency (CBC) NCCC & AEPCOMM … read more Free webinar and event recordings (MEMBER ONLY) … login required   Caroline Zalai –  Director and Co-Founder, FTA / Secretariat, APSA     TRADE STATISTICS   DFAT – Trade Statictics March 2020 … login required Flinders Ports Trade Statistics May 2020 … read more Fremantle Ports Trade Statistics May 2020 … read more IATA – Airlines Financial Monitor – APR-MAY 2020 … read more IATA – Ecomomic Performance of the Airline Industry … read more IATA – Industry Statistics June 2020 … read more NSW Ports Trade Statistics May 2020 … read more Port of Melbourne Trade Statistics May 2020 … read more Port of Newcastle Trade Report May 2020  … read more     SHIPPING   COVID-19 Shipping Line Notices 30th June to 6th July 2020 … read more Shipping Line Notices 30th June to 6th July 2020 … read more 30.6.20 – Shipping Reforms – Contemplating wearing socks again … read more
2.7.20 – Stevedore infrastructure surcharges – Joint statement – Freight & Trade Alliance (FTA) and the Australian Peak Shippers Association (APSA)  … read more
6.7.20 – APL ENGLAND update 5 – Impacts of losses and associated claims … read more     LOGISTICS   1.7.20 – VICT increase in infrastructure surcharge … login required
1.7.20 – CTAA – Container Port statistics – What impact from COVID-19? … read more
1.7.20 – NSW Government – Western Sydney freight line preserved … read more
1.7.20 – Nicole Lockwood appointed to the freight industry reference panel … read more
1.7.20 – Brett Charlton appointed to the freight industry reference panel … read more
3.7.20 – Port joins Hunter group pursuing united nations sustainability goals … read more     AIRFREIGHT   30.6.20 – IATA – State of the region: Asia Pacific June 2020 … read more
1.7.20 – IATA – Air cargo market analysis May 2020 … read more
1.7.20 – IATA – May Air cargo shows slight pickup amid continuing capacity crunch … read more
1.7.20 – Melbourne airport celebrates 50 years of operation … read more
3.7.20 – Breaking news – Support for vital export markets extended with IFAM receiving a $240 million boost … read more
3.7.20 – International freight assistance mechanism industry briefing … read more\
6.7.20 – IATA – The cargo capacity crunch is easing but the unwind will take time … read more     INTERNATIONAL   3.7.20 – NZ Customs Release 569 … login required     BIOSECURITY   30.6.20 – DAWE – 103-2020 – Coral Sea Marina, Airlie Beach determined as a biosecurity first point of entry 3 … login required
30.6.20 – DAWE – 104-2020 – Update of the training and accreditation for approved arrangements (Class 19.1 and 19.2) Policy and CBC activity for AEPCOMM … login required
30.6.20 – DAWE – Training & Accreditation for approved arrangements update & CBC activity for AEPCOMM … login required
30.6.20 – DAWE – 104-2020 – Update of the training and accreditation for approved arrangements (Class 19.1 and 19.2) Policy and CBC activity for AEPCOMM … login required
30.6.20 – DAWE – 103-2020 – Coral Sea marina, Airlie Beach determined as a biosecurity first point of entry 3 … login required
2.7.20 – DAWE – Agricultural Trade Matters July 2020 … login required
2.7.20 -DAWE – 106-2020 – Port of Darwin is now a first point of entry for Non-Commercial vessels … login required
login required
2.7.20 – DAWE – 105-2020 – COVID-19 impact on cat and dog arrivals into Melbourne international airport … login required
3.7.20 – Product emissions and ozone protection & synthetic greenhouse gas (3 CPD points – Stream A – FTA109)  … read more
3.7.20 – DAWE – 107-2020 – Amendment to 101-2020 – Current list of countries able to meet Australia’s interim import conditions for uncooked prawns from 1 July 2020 … login required
6.7.20 – DAWE – 2020-43 – Plant export operations – Update of the registered establishment audit policy … login required
6.7.20 – DAWE – 108-2020 – Service disruption: from 22:30 to 23:30 Saturday 11 July 2020 (AEST) … login required
6.7.20 – DAWE – 109-2020 – COLS service disruption: 23:00 Saturday 11 July to 01:45 Sunday 12 July 2020 (AEST) … login required
6.7.20 – DAWE – MAA 2020-10: Denmark fishH: Ban on use of PFAS in paper and cardboard food contact materials … login required
6.7.20 – DAWE – MAA 2020-09: Denmark: Non-prescribed goods: Ban on use of PFAS in paper and cardboard food contact materials … login required
6.7.20 – DAWE – MAA 2020-20: Denmark: Ban on use of PFAS in paper and cardboard food contact materials … login required     BORDER   30.6.20 – ABF – Australian Customs Notice No. 2020-26 Customs duty rate reductions 1 JULY 2020 … read more
30.6.20 – ABF – Australian Custons Notice No. 2020-27 Indonesia-Australia Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement – Entry into force … read more
1.7.20 – ABF TC Gazette 20/24 … read more     TRADE   1.7.20 – DFAT – Special ASEAN-AUSTRALIA foreign minister’s meeting on COVID-19 … read more
1.7.20 – WTO report on G20 shows moves to facilitate imports even as trade restrictions remain widespread … read more
2.7.20 – Coronavirus trade update 020720 … login required
2.7.20 – WTO – Heads of WTO and Dvelopment banks voice support for trade finance amid COVID-19 crisis … read more
6.7.20 – DFAT – The Australian Free Trade Agreement with Indonesia to provide export boost … read more     ANTI-DUMPING COMMISSION NOTICES – ADN   Anti-Dumping Notices 30th June to 6th July 2020
2020/067 [pdf 224.6 KB]  Case 558 Aluminium zinc coated steel of a width equal to or greater than 600 millimeters, Initiation of investigation, Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam, 30/06/2020

2020/068 [pdf 224.86 KB]  Case 559 Aluminium zinc coated steel of a width less than 600 millimeters, Initiation of investigation, China, Vietnam, 30/06/20     BUSINESS SALES / OFFICE LEASE   QUOTE 2020/21 – looking to buy – Sydney or Melbourne based Forwarder / Broker QUOTE 2020/17 – Fully furnished shared office space Alexandria close to Syd Airport! QUOTE 2020/16 Port Botany office space available to lease QUOTE 2020/10 – Looking to buy – Sydney or Melbourne – Sydney or Melbourne based forwarder / broker QUOTE 2020/09 – CS Logistics – Urgent expression of interest – Business Sale QUOTE 2020/07 – Looking to buy – Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane – ideally perishables QUOTE 2019/05 – Looking to buy – Melbourne, Adelaide or Fremantle Perth QUOTE 2019/01 – Corporate Customs Broker Licence More about our Classifieds service available HERE     THE RETURN OF ‘FACE TO FACE’ EVENTS   SYDNEY – WORLD CLASS TEAMS – 17 SEPTEMBER 2020

Optimise your Influence and Impact at Work – further detail and registration … read more   CPD – BORDER COMPLIANCE PROGRAM  Please note that our revised dates for our events fall within the new 2020 /2021 CPD period (1 April 2020 to  31 March 2021) and will continue to provide 24 CPD points. 

CPD Border Compliance Program – (1 April 2020 to  31 March 2021)
NSW: Friday 5 & Saturday 6 February 2021 – Novotel Brighton Le-Sands
VIC: Friday 12 & Saturday 13 February 2021 – Hyatt Place Essendon Fields
QLD: Wednesday 17 February 2021 – Novotel Brisbane Airport
WA: Saturday 20 February 2021 – Hyatt Regency Perth


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