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eCert exchange for New Zealand moving to paperless  
Please see below notice that Freight & Trade Alliance (FTA) has received from the Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment. (the Department)

Effective 31 August 2020, the department has transitioned the current eCert exchange with New Zealand’s Ministry for Primary Industries (NZ MPI) to a paperless eCert exchange. This means NZ MPI will no longer issue original paper phytosanitary or sanitary certificates.

The NZ exporter will provide importers and brokers with the certificate number, which must be provided to the department. The department will receive the eCert and will assess the eCert where required for import clearance.

Please consult both IAN 135-2020 and Electronic Certification (eCert) for Imports for further information. To stay abreast of all developments and notices being issued we remind members that you can also subscribe to receive Industry Advice Notices direct from the department – the department had also started to release newsletters in relation to the BMSB season – to access these click HERE NOTE: the above link should also be used to UPDATE your current subscriptions

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