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Meetings 26 August – SAL NSW State Committee Meeting (via Microsoft Teams) ——————————— Events / Networking 23 September – World in a Box – 50 years of containerisation in Australia online event register here Postposed – SAL VIC State Golf Day, Waterford Valley has been postponed until Wednesday 17th March 2021 23 October – SAL Queensland Ball – save the date (in planning)                   OPINION: spin and nonsense from the Maritime Union Australia’s main waterfront union, the Maritime Union of Australia (a division of the CFMMEU) clearly has a problem with reality, or the meaning of words, or both. It’s the only explanation that fits the latest round of nonsensical utterances from the union. Their current co-ordinated industrial campaign is hurting Australian exporters and ordinary Australian consumers. So, one more time, this is why you shouldn’t believe the MUA spin…    China to completely ban all imports of solid waste Imports of all solid waste into China will be completely banned effective 1 January 2021. This includes scrap metal, paper, pulp, wood and cardboard. In the interim, the existing laws on the prevention and control of pollution by solid waste will be modified as of 1 September (which is less than two weeks away). Significant changes to importer and carrier liability (and therefore cost allocation) and penalties on the import of solid wastes will change in less than two weeks.  Marine casualties could also see cargo, machinery and even the hull itself, being deemed to be prohibited solid waste. Visit the Shipping Australia website to find out more.    Australian imports: which consumer goods are on the rise? With the various natural disasters, health crisis and geopolitical tensions occurring year to date, ANL has taken a deep dive into the Group’s Australian import figures to compare average volumes in the first half of the year. The difference in 2020? Quite vast! Unsurprisingly, some of the biggest differences between an average year and 2020 are in FMCG. A variety of the consumer goods commodity categories have significantly increased. This article has been contributed by shipping line ANL, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the CMA-CGM group and a Shipping Australia member. Read the full article at the Shipping Australia website!   Carbon-free ship propulsion by 2050 Fossil fuels are being phased out over the next thirty years or so, to realise the goal of zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. We are seeing the adoption of liquefied natural gas as the interim step away from conventional fuel oils with the likely end-fuel being either hydrogen or nuclear propulsion. This article on the Shipping Australia website examines some of the factors affecting the transition from oil fuel and LPG to hydrogen in most cases, and nuclear propulsion for high transit speed ships and vessels.    The wool and shipping industries – a long history Wool forms an integral part of Australia’s history.  While Australia no longer “rides on the sheep’s back”, wool continues as one of Australia’s principal agricultural export industries, together with beef, dairy, wheat and other grains. Wool yielded over $3.8 billion in export income in 2018/19.  Wool is primarily an export industry, with over 95 per cent of Australia’s wool exported for processing. Read more about wool and the shipping industries here   Maritime Job Vacancies in Australia Victoria International Container Terminal Vessel Optimisation Planner

Victoria International Container Terminal (VICT) has a vacancy for a Vessel Optimisation Planner.  If you are interested in this role, please click on the link below for further details.  Please direct all enquiries to, and apply directly to VICT. Click here for details of VICT’s Vessel Optimisation Planner vacancy. DID YOU KNOW? MARITIME INDUSTRY JOB VACANCIES CAN BE ADVERTISED ON SHIPPING AUSTRALIA! Full and Associate Members of Shipping Australia can advertise their vacant jobs completely free of charge on the Shipping Australia website and in our “Signal” newsletter. About SAL’s “Signal” newsletter Our “Signal” newsletter reaches thousands of maritime professionals in Australia.  It is also read in various countries around the world.  The “Signal” audience is overwhelmingly composed of highly experienced and highly qualified maritime professionals.  “Signal” reaches a vast pool of maritime candidates.  It is the perfect place for members to advertise their vacancies to the job candidates they want to attract. Members should get in touch with admin@shippingaustralia.com.au to find out more and to book job adverts.   SAL SPRING/SUMMER MAGAZINE – ON TRACK We are pleased to advise that SAL Spring/Summer magazine will be distributed in print on our usual schedule. Features include: Profiles of shipping industry figuresAgri-Exports developmentsCoronavirus impacts on shipping and seafarersand much more… Advertising opportunities now available! Contact your advertising agent or  admin@shippingaustralia.com.au to book your slot!    Send your feedback to us! We’re keen to hear from you! Tell us what you think!
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