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Meetings 11 November – SAL Maritime Steering Group Meeting & Luncheon ——————————— Events / Networking Postponed – SAL VIC State Golf Day, Waterford Valley has been postponed until Wednesday 17th March 2021 Cancelled – SAL Queensland Ball  TBA – SAL Queensland Christmas lunch 3-5 November – International Bunker Industry Association Annual Convention 2020 – Going Global4 November – “Developing Hydrogen Infrastructure – what will it take?” 4 November – Global Liner Shipping 9-12 November – Australia’s “National Biosecurity Forum 18 November “Charting the unknown – how COVID-19 has impacted international Shipping” AMTAC 4 December – SAL New South Wales Christmas lunch (currently members-only because of COVID restrictions)              New month-long waterfront industrial action threatens supply of goods and fuel security Shipping Australia is saddened to report that the Maritime Union of Australia has launched a month-long industrial action that could again hold Australia hostage again by shutting down the waterfront. This time it is the tug provider, Svitzer, that is being targeted by the MUA. The key points to remember are that: ships bring 99.9 per cent of everything to and from Australia tugs bring ships to and from berths in ports if tugs stop then shipping stops if shipping stops then Australia is paralysed. Unfortunately, with this particular industrial action, the ability to import crude and petroleum products is particularly susceptible to being adversely affected. It is noteworthy that, for years the MUA has been campaigning on the issue of the security of Austraiia’s fuel supply. Yet the first organisation that actually could pose a threat to uninterrupted supply is… the MUA.  Ironic.  Visit the Shipping Australia website to find out more   Congestion update: current status, bad weather, new industrial action, container hire Unfortunately there continues to be a container backlog, induced by industrial action in Sydney at the moment.  This backlog has been aggravated by recent bad weather.  It may get worse given the newly revealed likelihood of new industrial action. Find out more at Shipping Australia.   Anil Bhatia: he grew up, grew out and grew a beard Originally hailing from the Indian town of Pune, about 100 kilometres from the ocean, it was not exactly preordained that Anil would have a maritime career. “I’d never seen more than a bucketful of water!” he laughs. Nonetheless, Anil went to sea at the remarkably young age of 16. But how was he recognised? His first swing of duty was a mammoth 36 months long! He recalls the experience.  “I left [my community] as a boy and came back as a man. I had grown up, grown out and had grown a beard. When I got back to my community, no-one recognised me except for my dog!” he laughs. Find out more about Anil’s life and career at Shipping Australia!   Port Pricing 2020: helping out in the pandemic Each year Shipping Australia presents an overview of port pricing in Australia.  Some ports have frozen or deferred shipping charges as a measure of assistance to their customers.  They continue to support the industry during the pandemic. Find out more at Shipping Australia!   SAL responds to coastal trading reform discussion Shipping Australia has filed a submission in  the latest round of coastal trading discussion reforms. Eight changes are proposed for cargo vessels:  Separation of licensing for cargo and passenger vessels A cargo and route nomination system for general licence holders Removal of five-voyage minimum for temporary licences Automatic approvals of temporary licence applications Align new matters and authorised matters Voyage notification requirements Tolerance limits Emergency licences Find out more at Shipping Australia!   Union/Patrick Fair Work hearing cancelled pending further talks A two-day hearing before the Fair Work Commission to terminate or suspend the Maritime Union of Australia’s industrial action at Patrick Terminals was cancelled earlier this week following an agreement for further talks between the parties. Commenting on the latest developments, Rod Nairn, CEO of Shipping Australia, said: “We welcome the news of a cessation of industrial action until December.  We can only hope that there is a reasonable conclusion to this latest round of discussions and that realistic expectations for wages and conditions prevail in the current challenging economic climate”. Find out more at Shipping Australia.   Shipping is a vital industry and a responsible global citizen International shipping has been a major driver of sustained economic growth over the last sixty to seventy years. The ever-increasing efficiency of international shipping has helped to boost trade which has, in turn, brought prosperity to nations and has lifted literally billions of people out of dreadful poverty. Find out more at Shipping Australia.   Job Vacancies in Australia’s maritime industries “K” Line Logistics Australia has a vacancy for a Customer Service Supervisor based in Melbourne.  Mediterranean Shipping Company is currently seeking a permanent, full-time Risk Analyst within the National Risk Management team in its Sydney office. Interested candidates can view both vacancies on the Shipping Australia website. Members of Shipping Australia can advertise their vacancies for free on the Shipping Australia website and in this newsletter! Contact admin@shippingaustralia.com.au to place your recruitment advertisement.   SHIPPING AUSTRLIA SPRING/SUMMER MAGAZINE – OUT NOW! Our Spring/Summer 2020 Magazine is out now! Read more about leading industry figures Anil Bhatia and Danella Wilmshurst.  Also featured in a profile is Shipping Australia full member Wallenius Wilhelmsen. Our special report in this edition is agri-produce.  We also write about trade and exports; seafarer welfare against the odds; customs brokers and freight forwarders; Antarctic icebreaker; uncollected cargo; cyber-security; digitalisation of shipping; law; and our much anticipated Port Costs 2020. Download it at the Shipping Australia website!   Send your feedback to us! We’re keen to hear from you. Tell us what you think!

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