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Scam alert
A member has again reported a scam involving a shipment from Spain to New Zealand.  This appears to be the same scam we advised members of earlier in September.  The scammer (customer) will request assistance to import cargo (Spain has been used as the origin). The origin agent will request payment prior to shipment. The customer will pay the forwarder using  (stolen) credit card details (often multiple cards for one payment) The forwarder will advance payment to the Agent and then the credit card will default. In some instances, the same process has been used for multiple payments (the Agent requesting additional funds for taxes/ storage etc) Once processed, the customer and the Agent cannot be contacted.  
We understand Police have been notified but the scam is still active.
Draft IHS for importing hides and skins
Received 29 September, 9.45am

MPI want your feedback on proposed changes to the import health standard for hides and skins.

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Draft IHS for importing hides and skins

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