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FIATA: The challenge of handling airfreight capacities in COVID 19 and beyond
Received 26 May, 2.16am

Airfreight, being one of the most affected service commodities under the COVID 19 pandemic, is facing one of its worst challenges. Airlines are bleeding, and airport cargo terminals are congested with uncleared cargo. Customs are working at skeletal capacity in many parts of the world and the highly time-sensitive nature of airfreight shipments is overwhelming.

Capacity Depletion

In the last few weeks, airfreight has witnessed a decrease in capacity of close to 45% as airlines have been grounded and belly capacities have disappeared overnight. Freighter capacities are being utilised to the fullest on routes that can afford the rocketing freight rates. Until very recently, many airlines would have bumped off cargo in order to accommodate passenger baggage. Now, those very airlines are compelled to replace passenger seats to accommodate cargo, survival being the key word – has COVID-19 given rise to a new terminology called Preighters? One would think why not, so long as a piece of cargo is safely transported from origin to destination and is delivered safely to the end customer.

Please read the full FIATA article here

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