We undertake to work exclusively for our clients,
there are no exceptions.

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Since 1994, when Collinson & Co was established, an extraordinary amount has happened. From historical events to currency crises to market crashes to aging bull markets. At Collinson Wealth Partners, our approach is to help each investor as an individual.  We don’t apply the same solution to every investor – because each investor has specific wants or needs for their capital.

We start by listening, then helping each investor understand exactly what their goals are, and how these can be achieved, or maybe helping them reset those objectives, if necessary.

The world of investing has always been “interesting” – and at its most rewarding when it has been “challenging”.  Experience serves to remind us that it is the well-prepared investors who will prosper the most over the long term.

Partners at Collinson Wealth have long been involved in active risk management, and have seen the benefits of both rigorous risk management and having a long-term focus and strategy.  Their combined, hands-on experience has not just stood the test of time, but flourished.

At Collinson Wealth Partners, like all good partnerships, we’re with you for the long term.

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About Collinson Wealth

Collinson Wealth Partners was established to provide specialist, independent investment advice. John Collinson founded Collinson & Co in 1994 recognising that the existing options in the forex market for clients were simply not providing the service levels and transparency that people and business owners were demanding. A service that was tailored to the individual rather than the institution seemed frustratingly difficult to find.
Over time it also became increasingly apparent to John that the same issues existed around wealth management, and so he established Collinson Wealth Partners on the cornerstone that every investor should have access to genuinely independent, informed advice.



We work with you as a person, rather than just another investor. We take the time to get to know you as an individual and to understand your background, your experience, your preferences and most importantly your goals, then we work with you to guide you towards achieving these objectives.



We are independent. We can offer you a broad and varied choice of investments, which we believe can better suit your needs as an individual. We know that no two people are ever the same. We are all different – and your investments should reflect this.



When allied with planning, patience and common sense, prudence develops the courage to be cautious. Our priority is firstly to preserve and then to grow your capital.



The link below has far more information about how we provide a clear and sound set of principles to our clients. These principles cast some light on what we believe is important, and also what motivates us when we are working for you.

Wealth Team

At Collinson Wealth Partners, we subscribe to these simple tenets:

We undertake

to work exclusively for our clients. There are no exceptions.

We believe

in providing independent and objective advice, with assistance based on informed analysis, prudent judgment, and diligence.

We undertake

to provide transparency and aim to achieve exemplary fiduciary standards and accuracy in handling client assets.

We enable

our clients to gain a deeper understanding of their risk profiles and in turn a firm control of their investment affairs.

Hugh Going

Partner, Collinson Wealth

Hugh has been involved in the financial markets since the early 1980s, and his various roles within banking, both in New Zealand and the United Kingdom, combined with significant senior treasury management roles within AFFCO Holdings, have produced a thorough grounding and understanding of the risk management process – a vital attribute which translates very well into the investment advisory sector. Hugh entered the investment advisory sector in June 2004 and joined Collinson Wealth in 2010. He is a member of Financial Advice New Zealand (FANZ), a Certified Treasury Professional (CTP) as a certified member of the Institute of Finance Professionals NZ Inc.

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Nathan Jolly

Partner, Collinson Wealth

Nathan has been investing in the markets since the early 2000’s and began his financial career in the heart of the Global Financial Crisis of 2008.His experience in the investment advisory sector has ranged from boutique advisory businesses through to large banking organisations, encompassing Wealth and Private Banking, as well as funds management.Over this time, as well as building networks and relationships across finance and the wider business community, he has advised clients from individuals and families to trustees through to large organisations. Nathan has a Bachelor of Science degree and holds a NZX Diploma.

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Investment Philosophy

Why is an investment philosophy important? Setting up your investment philosophy helps to understand the investment decisions process. It provides a clear and sound set of principles to work by. It provides the discipline to stick with the plan.

Information on Risk

The financial industry talks a lot about investor risk tolerance, as it should. But investors and their advisers need to have a more comprehensive conversation about risk, because risk tolerance is only one of several elements that make up risk.

Investment Administration

When managing your investments, you want to make administration, transactions, reporting and tax calculations as easy as possible.
How to simplify your investment management.

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