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A complete range of Business foreign exchange services globally.

By working closely with our clients, we strive to truly understand their business requirements and thus assist them to implement effective FX strategies.

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Business Currency Exchange

FX Payments

Foreign currencies transferred to 180 countries. 30 currencies available. Amounts, beneficiary details (encrypted database storage), exchange rate set with dealers. Payment transferred securely as per instructions.

FX Receipts

Receiving foreign currencies. Talk to our global dealers advising the currency, amount and date paid. We provide bank details for foreign currency receipts as required. Rates are agreed on advice or following receipt of funds. Upon receipt of funds we advise the client and pay on their instruction.

Managing FX Risks

Collinson Forex provides a full service in FX risk exposure management, using a variety of market products. If you have FX exposure that needs to be managed, we can provide a strategy to minimise your risk, and help to take advantage of any potential gains, using market fluctuations – thus also helping to protect sales margins and budgeted FX rates.

Forward Contracts

Forward Contracts All clients who wish to enter into a forward contract with Collinson Forex must meet certain requirements as per current legislation before this can be offered. Please contact our global dealers to discuss this and your particular requirements.

Market Orders

Setting market orders (including stop loss orders) at desired levels will be monitored 24 hours a day (good ’til cancelled – GTC). If currency rates in global markets trade at order levels, a deal is effected and advised.

Why use Collinson Business?

Invoice payments

Pay invoices in 70+ countries with an exchange rate banks and PayPal can’t offer.

Competitive Commercial FX rates and Currency Market Experience

Wholesale FX rates and years of experience in evaluation of Currency market movements.

Receive money

Receive overseas payments via our FX accounts to be converted without high recipient or conversion fees.

Risk management

We guide you through the risk management process via established FX tools and strategies to protect your margin and costings against currency fluctuations.

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Collinson Forex is our go-to for foreign currency supplier payments. When I started my new role in January 2020,Collinson’s had the patience to help me understand all the terminology and ways to purchase foreign currency. I highly recommend Collinson Forex for their service, knowledge, support and exchange rates.

- U-POL Australia - Fiona Manwaring, Company Accountant

Max Health Ltd is a pharmaceutical importer and distributor based in Auckland. We have been using Collinson’s as our Foreign Exchange partner since we started our company over 12 years ago. They have been a significant part of the Max Health story, as we’ve grown from just a trade every few months to over 150 trades per year. Always professional and reliable, while offering pragmatic solutions to the various FX challenges we have faced over the years, we trust them implicitly and consider them a true partner to our business. Over that time, they’ve worked hard to understand our business so they can help us in the most effective way possible, whether through simple FX deals or more complex strategic arrangements and advice. They do offer competitive rates, but for me the key is their personal and personalised service which is always just an email or phone call away. I’d have no hesitation in recommending them as a foreign exchange partner.

- Patrick Forrester, Director- Max Health Ltd, Auckland

Used by 325k+ businesses of all shapes and sizes

Having Collinson FX on your team means best value currency exchange.

Every client works with a dedicated FX Specialist who can help optimise their currency needs. This one-on-one approach provides you with a direct line for live support and a great exchange solution every time.

Tailor Made

Each transaction is specific to you and your requirements


Collinson are your trusted partner, providing secure and safe transactions throughout the globe

Experience Matters

When you want to take advantage of our experienced and skilled traders, because it counts

Great transaction rates

Pay invoices with the real exchange rate in 70+ countries from your phone or app.

Streamlined payments

All payments individually checked by our team for accuracy and authenticity.

Reliable Transfers

Full tracing and proof of transfer available on request

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