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We wish to provide you with an update regarding Automation and reopening of A-Lanes R&D.
As advised previously, we have suspended automated operations so we can apply an urgent software update to the automated straddles. We have installed the update in several machines overnight and we are now testing them. So far the testing is going well. We will review the situation early this afternoon and will have a further update for you before 15:00. At this stage we hope to restart R&D for Fergusson North at 19:00 hours tonight.
We are using the testing process to move import containers that were not accessible yesterday to an area in the yard from where we can deliver them. Please continue to monitor PortConnect and contact the Driver Assist team as soon as Shipping Hold is removed from your container. Our team will help carriers obtain VBS bookings so you can uplift affected containers as soon as possible. Import containers that already have confirmed VBS bookings for today are now available for pick up.
We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience this caused to those customers who were unable to access their import boxes yesterday.
We thank you for your co-operation and patience whilst we undertake this critical work.
MPI: Review of jurisdictional consistency across the binational food regulation system
Feedback is sought from stakeholders with experience of inconsistent regulation implementation and enforcement as part of food trade between New Zealand and Australia.

In November 2019, the Australia New Zealand Ministerial Forum on Food Regulation endorsed a plan to reform the binational food regulation system to ensure it remains strong, robust, and agile into the future.

One of the projects under the planned reform aims to identify areas of inconsistency in food regulatory approaches across jurisdictions (jurisdictional consistency).

Public feedback is now being sought on inconsistency within the joint food regulation system and the associated impacts on businesses. This is an opportunity for industry, government, and others to provide direct feedback about areas of inconsistency or duplication that have the ability to undermine food safety objectives or otherwise disadvantage or impose an unnecessary regulatory burden on businesses.

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Review of jurisdictional consistency across the binational food regulation system

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