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NZ Customs TSW Delays
Received 24 July, 4.05pm

Following contact from members, CBAFF sought information from NZ Customs about the performance of TSW this week – here’s their response –

As you may be aware, there have been performance issues with the Trade Single Window System (TSW). The below message is from our IS team regarding the matter.
  We know TSW’s performance is not providing a good enough service right now, and how much this impacts industry.  We apologise for this – we have a particular elusive problem going on deep in components within the system, and we have sought the supplier’s assistance with analysing and correcting this.  It requires care because it is easy to make it worse, or break something else. Alongside this we’re working very hard on faster recovery to minimise the impact when outages do occur.  We have bought in extra monitoring tools to allow us to hone in on where the problem areas are.  When we start the lodgement flow in TSW again, it works through the transactions queued up, which can take some time. Not all performance issues are due to TSW – it connects to other systems to process and risk assess transactions, and also relies on the telecommunications network being up and running.  Sometimes we have to hold TSW transactions while issues in those systems or the network have been resolved – and sometimes there is an issue with the client’s software provider system. These downstream issues have happened a few times in the past weeks. Note our service objective is to provide a response for the client’s system to pick up, within 20 minutes of submission.  Our usual average is 60 seconds.  So anything between 5 seconds and 20 minutes is ‘normal’. We know Fridays are particularly busy for exports, and Mondays for imports.  We are working to ensure the process for urgent shipment clearance requests is running smoothly and reliably. A reminder that the current status of TSW is advised on our website, along with direction on how to seek clearance for urgent shipments.  

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