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SPONSORS   NOTE – some articles are accessible only with FTA / APSA MEMBER LOGIN      BREAKING NEWS   APL ENGLAND     The incident happened just after 6.10am AEST on Sunday 24 May when the ship experienced a temporary loss of propulsion during heavy seas about 73 kilometres south east of Sydney. At the time, the ship was on a journey from Ningbo, China to Melbourne, Australia. The ship’s power was restored within a few minutes but during this time the ship reported that it was rolling heavily, causing container stacks to collapse and 40 containers to fall overboard in waters about 2km deep. The Master of the APL England has reported that an additional 74 containers have been damaged and remain collapsed on the deck of the ship, while a further six containers are reported to be protruding from starboard side and three containers from the port side of the ship. The ship has turned around and is now heading toward Brisbane, Queensland. AMSA will be inspecting the ship, once the destination Port has been confirmed, upon its arrival … read more     ADVOCACY   BIOSECURITY IMPORT LEVY WILL NOT PROCEED   In line with our advocacy addressing “cash flow” relief measures for the import sector during the current COVID-19 crisis, Freight & Trade Alliance (FTA) and the Australian Peak Shippers Association (APSA) welcome the announcement from the Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment that the controversial Onshore Biosecurity Levy (previously referred to as the “Biosecurity Import Levy”) will not proceed.
At a briefing held this morning, the Department has confirmed that this decision is a result of the work of the Onshore Biosecurity Levy Industry Working Group, which highlighted the issues in designing an equitable levy that did not create unreasonable regulatory impost. It also acknowledges the pressures Australian industry is currently facing due to the economic impacts of COVID-19.
Industry representatives were further advised that activities proposed to be funded by the levy will now paid for from general revenue. It was emphasised that this result will in no way diminish the government’s biosecurity focus.

FTA / APSA will engage with:  the Department of Agriculture Cargo Consultative (DCCC) members on any changes to existing cost recovery measures with a focus on ensuring that any increases translate to a commensurate sustained improvement to the paying sectors of industry; the Hon. David Littleproud (Minister for Agriculture, Drought and Emergency Management) and peak industry executives involved in Biosecurity Futures – advice has been received that the group will soon convene to provide strategic industry advice on matters relevant to Australia’s biosecurity system; and federal government (that has now led by example recognising cost impacts on shippers) to address other exorbitant supply chain costs, specifically regulation on stevedore-imposed Terminal Access Charges.
Paul Zalai – Director and Co-Founder FTA, Secretariat APSA     MEDIA   21.5.2020 THE LOADSTAR – SHIPPER RELIEF AS AUSTRALIAS PLAN FOR BIOSECURITY LEVY IS SCRAPPED The decision to scrap the levy was warmly welcomed by Paul Zalai, director and co-founder of the Freight & Trade Alliance (FTA), which led the opposition to the tax. “The best thing about this whole drawn out exercise is that it united the industry,” said Mr Zalai. “We will now escalate our advocacy with the federal government  to address other exorbitant supply chain costs, specifically regulation on stevedore-imposed terminal access charges.” Indeed, the FTA has been even more vocal in its criticism of the escalating ‘port infrastructure fees’ terminal operators charge transporters to collect cargo from their terminals. “Prices are already excessive,” Mr Zalai said. “Incremental increases on this basis would continue the devastating impacts on Australian trade. Our regulators need to protect shippers by forcing stevedores to cease this practice.” Furthermore, he said, there needs to be a “paradigm shift in priorities” in favour of shippers, adding: “It is the efficient movement of goods that will lead our economic recovery and generate national wealth, not the welfare of carriers or infrastructure owners.” … read more     20.5.2020 DCN – INDUSTRY SAYS IT WAS IGNORED IN RESPONSE TO SYDNEY GATEWAY PLAN A NUMBER of prominent transport and logistics groups have criticised the New South Wales government’s response to submissions received on the environmental impact statement and draft major development plan for Sydney Gateway. The comments came from the Australian Logistics Council, Australian Trucking Association, Container Transport Alliance Australia, Freight & Trade Alliance, Road Freight NSW and Shipping Australia Limited … read more     19.5.2020 MHD – PAYMENT PLANS AND LENIENCY MEASURES FOR IMPORT AND TRADE BUSINESSES

As a part of correspondence received by FTA, a departmental executive stated that requests will be assessed on a “case by case” basis.

“We recognise the impact of the current situation on businesses and cash flows and are responding accordingly,” the departmental executive said.

“We remain interested in the experiences of your members and their clients through the disruption from COVID-19, and please continue to keep us informed of any developments.”

Sal Milici, Head of Border & Biosecurity at FTA said the alliance sees this as a practical and welcomed outcome.

“We are very grateful for the positive engagement we have had with the Federal Government and relevant Departments throughout the COVID-19 economic crisis.” … read more     12.5.2020 – MHD – AIR CARGO DOMINATING PASSENGER AIRCRAFT   Sal Milici, Head of Border and Biosecurity at FTA, said the industry has seen a stabilisation of the air cargo market. “This has been achieved largely by the supply chain sector effectively communicating and sharing detail of air cargo capacity leading to an increase of freighter services and also a number of cargo only flights,” he said. “Costs are understandably higher than normal without the financial offset of a passenger movements. However, what was shaping up as a disaster for the industry in mid-March, has evolved into an amazing good news story, “We have been able to keep the air cargo sector alive through the collaborative efforts of industry and government … read more     FEATURED EVENTS   WEBINAR – FREE & EXCLUSIVE TO FTA / APSA MEMBERS
    The risk of a shipping line claim for container detention is nothing new for freight forwarders.  However, in a COVID-19 world the challenge becomes greater as the economic downturn starts to bite. 

There will be a combination of increased abandonment of goods and decreased ability of importers and exporters to pay costs. 

In this webinar Hunt & Hunt will take a holistic view of the issues surrounding container detention and COVI-19 from a customs broker and freight forwarder perspective including: response of shipping lines to COVID-19; force majeure and frustration in respect of container detention; practical steps to reduce detention charges; liability of the freight forwarder to the shipping line; customer issues the contractual relationship with the customer; securing the obligations of the customer; debt recovery steps; Customs issues – abandonment of goods   This session has been accredited for 3 CPD Points in Stream B (code FTA112)   REGISTER HERE     WEBINAR – FREE & EXCLUSIVE TO FTA / APSA MEMBERS
    Mark Sobey,  Director, Legislative Reform and Assessment Policy, Compliance Policy, Compliance Division and

Ben Rowntree – A/g Director, BMSB Taskforce | Compliance Controls | Compliance Division – Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment

In this webinar the Department will present the content which was originally prepared for the FTA CPD Border & Biosecurity Compliance Program that has been postponed due to COVID-19.

This session will address the following:

Automatic Entry Processing   Reform overview   AEP lodgements   BMSB lodgements and AEPCOMM   Common compliance issues   Expansion of AEPCOMM scope   CBC period 2020-21   NCCC & AEPCOMM administration   Highly compliant importer project  eCert for imports  
Brown marmorated stink bug (BMSB)  Review of 2019-20 BMSB season  Measures for the 2020-21 BMSB risk season            – Target risk goods
           – Target risk countries
           – BMSB treatments   This session has been accredited for 3 CPD Points in Stream A (code FTA113)   REGISTER HERE   NOTE:
Following the above webinars, an online assessment and resources will be available via www.ComplianceNetFTA.com.au – cost $38.50
Individual members and employees of Members with online CPD packages (1 April 2020 to 31 March 2021) can access this material at no cost using the current period’s promotional codes.

If you require further information, please contact me on czalai@ftalliance.com.au or 02 9975 1878


By MAURICE LYNCH, Special Counsel | Insurance, Transport & Trade – Mills Oakley   There has been much commentary on the decision in Technology Swiss Pty Ltd v Famous Pacific Shipping (Vic) Pty Ltd [2019] VCC 1542 in respect of its conclusion that even if standard terms and conditions have not been provided to a customer they can be incorporated into a contractual relationship with a customer if there is an email footer on the freight forwarder’s emails stating:

• all of the freight forwarder’s business is transacted subject to standard terms and conditions which are available on request; and
• in certain circumstances the terms exclude the freight forwarder’s liability and    include    indemnities    for    its    benefit.    

Contrary to some recent articles written about this case, there is no new law in the decision and it merely follows the established principles of Australian law regarding the incorporation of standard terms and conditions and the subsequent interpretation of those terms … read more

Contact us to showcase your business or service via a member profile, thought leadership contribution or advertising via Across Borders and our associated media.      TRADE STATISTICS   Flinders Trade Report April 2020 … read more Fremantle Container Trade Report April 2020 … read more Port of Melbourne Trade Report April 2020 … read more Port of Melbourne Quarterly Trade Report … read more Port of Newcastle Trade Report April 2020  … read more     SHIPPING   COVID-19 Shipping Notices 19th to 25th May 2020 … read more Shipping Notices 19th to 25th May 2020 … read more     LOGISTICS   19.5.20 – Port of Melbourne’s response to COVID-19 – Update 6 … read more
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Freight & Trade Alliance (FTA) has received advice from the Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment that ONLY one activity will need to be completed to maintain accreditation for the 19.2. Automated Entry Processing for Commodities (AEPCOMM) Approved Arrangement for the current period (1 April 2020 to 31 March 2021) … read more

If you require further information, please contact me on czalai@ftalliance.com.au or 02 9975 1878

Caroline Zalai –  Director and Co-Founder, FTA / Secretariat, APSA   19.5.20 – Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment – 2020-25 – Horticulture exports program – Mango and Lychee protocol export accreditation applications for 2020-21 1 … login required
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20.5.20 – Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment – 2020-10 – Publication of new and revised policies and guidelines to support ASEL 3.0 implementation … login required
20.5.20 – Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment -MAA 2020-08: Saudi Arabia: Non-Prescribed goods – health certificate for the export of blanched almonds … login required
20.5.20 – Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment -71-2020 – Update to the rquirements and conditions for approved arrangement Class 19.1: NCCC and 19.2: AEPCOMM policy documents … login required
20.5.20 – Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment – Onshore Biosecurity levy … login required
20.5.20 – Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment – 72-2020 – Decision to not proceed with the onshore biosecurity levy … login required
21.5.20 – Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment -Saudi Arabia: eggs – market access regained … login required
25.5.20 – DAWR – Plant biosecurity advice 2020-P04 – Draft pest risk analysis for cut flower and foliage imports  – Part 2 … login required
25.5.20  – Continued biosecurity competency (CBC) NCCC & AEPCOMM – Approved arrangements … read more
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25.5.20 – DAWR – 74-2020 – Service disruption: as of 04:00 Saturday 23 May 2020 (AEST) – System generated emails from BICON, COLS AND AIMS … login required     BORDER   20.5.20 – AFP – Third person jailed over 1.9 tonne bust … read more
21.5.20 – ABF – Application for customs brokers licence notice 2020-21 … read more
22.5.20- ABF – Illicit drugs found in hand sanitiser bottles … read more     INDUSTRY   20.5.20 – ABF -TC Gazette No. 2020/19 … read more     TRADE   19.5.20 – WTO – DG AZEVÊDO hails G20 pledges on trade cooperation in COVID-19 response … read more
20.5.20 – DFAT – Unacceptable malicious cyber activity … read more
20.5.20 – WCO partners with stakeholders to launch a COVID-19 trade facilitation repository … read more
20.5.20 – WTO Chief quits suddenly, adding to global turmoil … read more
20.5.20 – WCO bacuda experts develop and share a neural network model to assist customs to detect potential fraudulent transactions … read more
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21.5.20 – WTO goods barometer flashes red as COVID-19 disrupts world trade … read more
21.5.20 – WTO report looks at standards and regulations notified by members in COVID-19 response … read more
21.5.20 – Chancellor Merkel. DG AZEVÊDO and other agency heads discuss COVID-19 pandemic … read more
      ANTI-DUMPING COMMISSION NOTICES – ADN   Anti-Dumping Notices 19th to 25th  May 2020
2020/053 [pdf 116.76 KB]  Case 527 Resealable can end closures, Extension of time to issue SEF and Final Report REP 527, Malaysia, 18/05/2020     BUSINESS SALES   PORT BOTANY OFFICE SPACE AVAILABLE TO LEASE   A Freight & Trade Alliance (FTA) member, located in Botany, have had a customer move out of their premises and now have professional office space available. The space available is up to 75 square metres, currently setup with 20 workstations, cabling, internet and digital telephone system ready. Meeting rooms also available within the space and there are an accompanying eight car parking spots. The landlord being a forwarder with Bonded warehouse, Department of Agriculture approved area with fumigation, X-Ray facilities with RACA approval plus container and general transport may present an opportunity to customs brokers or freight forwarders with these services onsite. Rates can be provided upon enquiry – call 02 9316 9466.     QUOTE 2020/10 – Looking to buy – Sydney or Melbourne – Sydney or Melbourne based forwarder / broker QUOTE 2020/09 – CS Logistics – Urgent expression of interest – Business Sale QUOTE 2020/07 – Looking to buy – Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane – ideally perishables QUOTE 2019/05 – Looking to buy – Melbourne, Adelaide or Fremantle Perth QUOTE 2019/01 – Corporate Customs Broker Licence   More about our Classifieds service available HERE     FINANCE REPORT
Weekly Market Commentary
US Markets closed out a very strong week, fairly neutral, but promised a lot.

A week that was highlighted by massive gains in confidence and sentiment, reflected in equities.

The progress towards a vaccine, from ‘Moderna’, spiked markets and the theme continued throughout the week.
The US Dollar took a back seat, as confidence was on the rise, with global economies re-opening … read more

Weekly Market Calendar 25/5 US Memorial Day Holiday, German GDP, German IFO Business Climate … read more

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Currently working within a business whom has reduced our candidate’s hours by 50% our candidate is looking to get back to full time work. A keen eye for detail and an analytical mindset, our candidate is very keen to move into the Sales Support space  … read more Contact: Leanne Lewis
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A very loyal and committed candidate whom boasts an impressive tenure with her current and former employers – our candidate is now on the lookout for a new place to.  A diverse and challenging client portfolio is no issue for this candidate  … read more Christian Merrigan
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1300 467 962     UPCOMING EVENTS & TRAINING     27.5.2020 – How to Lead Your Business Out of COVID-19 with Strength & Agility – further detail and registration HERE
4.6.2020 – FREE WEBINAR How to Stay Strong & Sane During COVID-19 – further detail and registration HERE
17.9.2020 – SYDNEY World Class Teams – Optimise your Influence and Impact at Work – further detail and registration HERE     FTA CPD BORDER COMPLIANCE PROGRAM POSTPONED & NEW DATES ANNOUNCED Please note that our revised dates for our events fall within the new 2020 /2021 CPD period (1 April 2020 to  31 March 2021) and will continue to provide 24 CPD points. 

CPD Border Compliance Program – (1 April 2020 to  31 March 2021)
NSW: Friday 5 & Saturday 6 February 2021 – Novotel Brighton Le-Sands
VIC: Friday 12 & Saturday 13 February 2021 – Hyatt Place Essendon Fields
QLD: Wednesday 17 February 2021 – Novotel Brisbane Airport
WA: Saturday 20 February 2021 – Hyatt Regency Perth
These dates have been chosen with coronavirus, winter, peak season, Christmas and school holidays in mind. We have also considered the very fluid nature of this situation. No one at this stage can safely put an end date on the restrictions to travel and meetings that are currently in place. We have looked for the period that provides as much flexibility to allow for the situation to improve and allow us all to resume normal business interactions.

Over the coming weeks and months FTA will be providing free webinars to keep members up to date with any important information to ensure you stay at the forefront of emerging issues.
We thank you for your continued support and if you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact me on czalai@ftalliance.com.au or 02 9975 1878.

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