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CBAFF Updates
Ports of Auckland, Customer Advisory: POAL Portwide Operational Update (Thu 29 Oct)
Please find attached our POAL Portwide Operational Update for Thursday 29 October.
Port of Tauranga: Weekly Update
TEU Capacity percentage – Imports at higher than normal levels. Import stacks have been at 3 high and this has increased turn time due to extra moves that are required to access target containers.
VBS/E-Gate challenges – No VBS issues system wise, however panic booking has returned with the short week as many transporters try to do 5 days of work in 4. We strongly encourage users to book realistically and fairly. There has been a large increase in cancelled bookings, these end up as wasted slot and are not helpful. There has also been transporters booking in anytime and the turning up to 4 hours before or after their booking. Please use the system with integrity so it works for all.
Access Issues –  There is still a diversion on North Road due to the demolition of Shed 11. Please ensure drivers are vigilant around this area with temporary roadways and demolition related traffic entering/exiting the Shed 11 fenced off area. Please adhere to the normal 10kph speed around the Shed 11 loop and be aware of these and other vehicles.
Please ensure new/expired drivers complete the on line Port Site induction prior to coming on site https://www.port-tauranga.co.nz/health-safety/port-inductions/
General information
The average stack height in the yard is at a higher than normal. Appreciate if you can book imports by the bill of lading function in Containerchain where possible. This allows the system to allocate the most available container from that bill. This helps reduce extra handling of containers and the benefit for transporters – it helps improve truck turn time for all.
The new truck exchange is under construction and hope to have it up and going before the end of the year.
Safety Reminder – Please ensure driver’s remember to leave their truck in neutral with the park brake off when on the truck exchange grid.
DG Process Reminder – Please ensure DG paperwork is emailed to TCTR&D@port-tauranga.co.nz ahead of the container arriving at TCT with the container number in the subject line of the email.

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