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Please find attached POAL Portwide update for Monday 9 November 2020.

Key points: We regret to advise that operations at the automated yard were stopped yesterday afternoon (Sunday 8th November) after an A-Strad software issue was identified. Operations in the yard will remain suspended until a software update can be implemented and tested. Currently, the planned timeline for completion of this process is tomorrow 08.30am Tuesday 10th November, at which time we will evaluate the testing results and make a decision on resuming R&D operations.
Attached is also POAL Fergusson Terminal Indicative Berth Plan which provides a berth schedule that reflects advised vessel ETA’s and our indicative berthing time.
Note this still indicates ongoing vessel delays.
This is an indicative plan only, based on a medium to longer term forecast by using the ETA line up of vessels and calculating berth time using ‘average productivity measurements’.  
The dates and vessel line-ups might change, however we believe it should provide some assistance for your long-term planning.
As always, POAL website contains most up to date information on vessels ETA, so please refer to your export drop offs and import pick-ups.
Next update will be Wednesday 11 November 2020.  

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