More disruptions due to lock-downs

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CBAFF Updates
Covid Health Order now published, and updated guidance
The new Health Order has now been published: https://www.legislation.govt.nz/regulation/public/2021/0006/latest/LMS451670.html. We have re-issued final guidance associated with the order: see attached.
Permitted travel across the Alert Level 2/3 boundary to provide a business or service, is listed in Schedule 3 (attached).  Note this allows for the movement of freight by road, rail, air or sea (cl. 4), key utilities and communications (cl. 6-7), transport agencies/service providers, SOEs and their contractors, and government services including local authorities (cl. 11, 13), the construction and maintenance of key infrastructure including road and rail and infrastructure that supports supply chains (cl. 12), and the production, processing and supply of food or drink and packaging for food and drink (cl. 15).
Schedule 4 and 5 in the main order have the boundary definition.
Harriet Shelton
Manager, Supply Chain
Ministry of Transport
Seafood NZ: Alert Level Update
For those businesses that require staff to travel across the regional border for purposes of travelling to and from work, a new system has been developed and will be activated.
The Ministry of Health and MBIE have developed an online registration system that will be activated for both businesses and services, and personal, movement across an Alert Level boundary.  The system will enable businesses and services to register and will automatically generate standardised, verifiable documentation to support police enforcement and facilitate efficient movement through checkpoints. The following is from the website:

Movement across any Alert Level 3 boundary will be strictly limited to manage the risk of the virus spreading. Permissions to travel across any Alert Level 3 boundary fall into three categories: Category 1 – movement that would be permitted under all circumstances, for example border services and emergency services Category 2 – movement likely to be permitted, but for which an assessment would be required, for example primary industries Category 3 – all other movement would be unlikely to be permitted, unless through a specific exemption issued by the Director-General of Health. The system is ready to be activated in the event of an Alert Level 3 boundary, at which time more information will be published on the website of the approval agency: Business travel permissions – apply through www.business.govt.nz(external link) Personal movement exemptions – apply through www.health.govt.nz(external link) I have just checked the website and the registration system which is being administered by MBIE and it is not yet available, I expect it will be later tonight or tomorrow.
A reminder that our agreed Covid Guidelines can be found on the SSC website here:
MPI have been in contact and they are working through the details and I will advise further tomorrow.
Please don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any questions.
Cathy Webb
Seafood Standards Manager
Seafood New Zealand Limited

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